The Cairo Coats

Cairo, a city known for its’ constant traffic. People are always on their way – going somewhere, coming back from somewhere – always on the go.  Crowded streets, traffic lights, city noise.  Embracing the heart of Cairo with our latest collection of city coats, perfect for night and day.

This limited collaboration is an ode to the beginning. Mounaya was the starting point 14 years ago, the first boutique to ever carry Amina K.

Together, we wanted to honor where we always find ourselves, in the hustle and bustle of the city. “The Cairo Coats” are comfortable and stylish, elevated by intricate hand embroidery carefully stitched by women for an exclusive finish.

A variety of wool cotton fabric was used to create lightweight coats to accommodate our fast paced lives.

Exclusively available at Mounaya Gallery in Zamalek