Amina Khalil’s journey in the fashion industry began in 2009 when she established her own brand after studying Fashion Design and Marketing in London.

Upon returning to Cairo, she opened her own workshop, creating her own design playground.  This allowed her to pay meticulous attention to detail, maintain the high quality and personally try on each style. Today, her workshop is filled with a dedicated team of tailors who work together to create the Amina K. collections.

Amina has always chosen to take the road less traveled in the world of fashion, and it has always lead her to unexpected and unconventional places.


What sets Amina K. apart is the emphasis on versatility and individuality. Each piece is designed to be mixed, matched, and layered, giving each person the freedom to create their own individual style.

Since launching the brand, Amina K. has been run by women who not only strive to empower their team, women in the industry, but also the ones they dress. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the everyday lives of women, celebrating their individuality through all stages of life.

Twelve years and countless collections later, Amina K. has undergone significant changes.

Being within an industry fueled by fast fashion, commercializing and devaluing the creative and design process we felt the need to move away from that pull. With the fashion calendar and the retail setup being too restrictive, the brand decided to shift to something new and undefined. We are eager to shake things up, go against industry norms, have a more spontaneous approach that is open to possibilities and growth.


Amina K was built out of passion and everything we do comes from a place of love.

It’s not about putting out products but the intention behind these products. We are dedicated to creating with purpose; pieces that fulfill Amina as a designer, and that respect every hand and person that has helped in the process.

Amina’s journey in fashion has been marked by her unwavering dedication to empowering women. Through her brand, she has provided women with a platform to embrace their own uniqueness, cater to their lifestyles, and make sustainable fashion choices. She has explored upcycling techniques by incorporating fabrics from previous collections.

Moving away from the fashion calendar, she introduced K-apsule collections that defy seasonal constraints, promoting a philosophy of slow fashion and sustainability. Each K-apsule collection is exclusive, limited, and timeless, offering pieces that transcend fleeting trends. This commitment ensures that Amina K. pieces are here to stay for more than one season – always linked to Egypt by a thread.

Amina K. inspired by and dedicated to Egypt