It all started in 2009, when Amina Khalil decided to establish her own brand, after having studied Fashion Design and Marketing in London.

She returned to Cairo and opened her own workshop to be able to pay attention to details while trying on each and every style herself. Today, in this same workshop, a team of tailors work together to create the Amina K. collections, with products ranging from women’s wear to men’s shirts.

The pieces are designed to be mixed, matched, and layered, giving each person the freedom to create their individual style.

Since launching the brand, Amina K. has been run by women who not only strive to empower their team, women in the industry, but also the ones they dress. Each Amina K. piece is designed with the everyday lives of women at its heart, while embracing the uniqueness of every woman, in all stages of her life.

Twelve years and countless collections later, a lot has changed, making Amina realise the importance of slowing down. She decided to move away from the fashion calendar by creating seasonless K-apsule collections, promoting slow fashion and sustainability. Each K-apsule collection is exclusive, limited, and timeless. Amina has also been exploring upcycling while working with prints and fabrics from previous collections, making sure that Amina K. pieces are here to stay for more than one season – always linked to Egypt by a thread…

Amina K. inspired by and dedicated to Egypt